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Koebley is one of the three oldest, if not the oldest, companies still up-and-running in Warren County, Pennsylvania. Our history dates back to the mid-nineteenth century, when Koebley first constructed sleighs and buggies. This later transitioned to vehicle collision repair and finally where we are today—towing and recovery. Our company has remained in the family for five generations, and throughout this time we’ve developed strong relationships with our customers, who are more like extended family members to us. If you are looking for a top-notch towing company that provides excellent customer service and short waiting times, Koebley Towing and Recovery is the company for you.

You can count on Koebley Towing and Recovery

We work hard to remain one of Warren County’s "crème de la crème" towing and recovery companies by responding to every problem you present to us with immediate answers. You can count on us!

Koebley Towing And Recovery (10)

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12 Biddle Street,
Warren, PA 16365


(814) 723-7063

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